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Instruction for Letter Before Action

Should you have more than five instructions please click here to download and complete the spreadsheet. (These must be received before 3.30pm if you wish them to be actioned that day.)

When completed please send it to enquiries@laneandcosolicitors.com

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NB – Our Letters Before Action cost from £2.95 + vat (Based on a minimum of 3 letters per month)
Minimum invoice charge £5.00 + vat

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What We Do Best

  • Claiming Late Payment Charges
  • Enforcement
  • Disputed Claims
  • Overseas Collections
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Terms & Conditions Consultation

What Our Clients Say

Lane & Co. Solicitors have been acting on our behalf for approximately 10 years. They offer us a constant high level of professional service with continuous competitive prices, reliable and extremely helpful friendly work force.
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