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Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Lane & Co’s Litigation team is headed up by Solicitor and Director Mark Edwards.  Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors boast a wealth of experience in contested Commercial Debt Recovery cases and those matters of a more technical nature.

Why would my case have to be transferred to Commercial Litigation Solicitors in the Litigation Department?

Each case is different but, in general, if a Claim is contested and either a Defence or Part Admission has been filed, the file would be passed to Commercial Litigation Solicitors in the Litigation Department.

Other examples of when a case would be passed to Commercial Litigation Solicitors in the Litigation Department is if a Counterclaim has been filed or if there are levels of complexity which need to be considered in greater depth.

How much will Litigation cost?

Our Commercial Litigation Solicitors work on an hourly basis (unlike the Collections Department where costs are fixed), however the person responsible for your case will give you a realistic estimate for the cost of pursuing your Claim and will discuss with you, at every stage, if the costs are likely to change.

If we suggest your file is transferred to Commercial Litigation Solicitors in the Litigation Department you will be provided with Terms and Conditions which will explain the charges.

Is there an alternative to Litigation?

Proceeding to Trial is always a last resort – Alternative Dispute Resolution and the processes this encompasses will always be considered in an attempt to resolve a conflict without the need for going to Court.

What if you don’t believe I will win at Trial?

Our work is always Client driven and our relationship with you is our primary focus. When considering the merits of a specific case we will always discuss the commercial realities of pursuing your Claim having assessed both the strengths and weaknesses.

If we believe you shouldn’t proceed, we will tell you and explain any alternative options available to you.

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There Are Four Key Stages That We Follow In The Debt Collection Process

Commercial Litigation Solicitors

A Letter Before Action to the Debtor states the value of the debt and the time frame for payment. In most cases the debt is settled quickly and we do not take the matter further.


If the debt is still not paid or a reply has not been received we issue a County Court Claim.


If an Acknowledgment or Defence is not received within the Court time frame we will apply for a County Court Judgment (CCJ).


There are a number of different ways to enforce the Judgment once obtained.

What We Do Best

  • Claiming Late Payment Charges
  • Enforcement
  • Disputed Claims
  • Overseas Collections
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Terms & Conditions Consultation

What Our Clients Say

Lane & Co provide a user friendly and economical service which has had a positive impact on our cashflow and debtor days. Whilst many debtors pay at the first letter, Lane & Co’s expertise in commercial recovery ensures efficient management of claims against even the most recalcitrant debtors, from the issue of proceedings to enforcement. I am happy to have recommended Lane & Co to numerous busine…
Matthew RobsonLegal DirectorCPI Group

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