Our Letters Before Action start from £10.00 plus vat.


Schedule of Costs

From 6th December 2018 all regulated law firms are required to proactively publish information on the prices that they charge and what these prices include.

We have always operated a transparent pricing structure, however this has been updated for compliance purposes.

In full compliance of these new rules, our schedule of costs is published on this website, covering three process areas:

  1. Fee Earners’ Hourly Rates
  2. Schedule of Costs: Issuing – Judgement and Enforcement
  3. Schedule of Costs – Additional Services

We have published approximate time/cost schedules for each of the above process areas. However, these can vary, depending on external factors.

Where applicable VAT is charged on solicitors’ costs at the rate of 20%.

Please click the button below to view our cost schedules and confirm you understand that the costs can vary due to external factors.

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Alternative Debt Dispute Resolution Case Study

This case study shows how alternative debt dispute resolution techniques bought the debtor to the table, leading to a successful outcome for our client who was owed £67,000, without the time and expense of Court proceedings....

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There Are Four Key Stages That We Follow In The Debt Collection Process

4-stage-1A Letter Before Action to the Debtor states the value of the debt and the time frame for payment. In most cases the debt is settled quickly and we do not take the matter further.
4-stage-2If the debt is still not paid or a reply has not been received we issue a County Court Claim.
4-stage-3If an Acknowledgment or Defence is not received within the Court time frame we will apply for a County Court Judgment (CCJ).
4-stage-4There are a number of different ways to enforce the Judgment once obtained.

What We Do Best

  • Claiming Late Payment Charges
  • Enforcement
  • Disputed Claims
  • Overseas Collections
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Terms & Conditions Consultation

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