The Excellent Customer Service our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors Deliver Resonates with Delifresh

Our business debt recovery solicitors have been retained by Delifresh for several years now. Our commitment to delivering the best possible levels of customer service is something we share with Delifresh, as their testimonial, below, shows.

“As our website says, ………. customer service is the beating heart of Delifresh as we constantly search to inform & inspire our chefs at every opportunity. Lane and Co’s commercial and business debt recovery solicitors do an excellent job for us in collecting late payments, and their customer service is first class too.” 

Andrew Nicholls, Director, Delifresh Limited

A Bit About Delifresh

Delifresh was founded in 2002 and is a specialist supplier of the finest fresh produce, Charcuterie, Dairy, Cheese and speciality ingredients to the catering trade on a daily basis. The company has 3 distribution centres in Newcastle, Widnes and Bradford, with a turnover of £30 million and c.200 employees.

It operates in a fast-moving business environment and has thousands of customers, so relies on the service that we provide to ensure that late payers pay. Delifresh has an efficient and effective credit control system, but there are always debtors who, for one reason or another pay late, which is where Lane and Co. comes in.

From Letters Before Action as the starting point, to litigation and debt enforcement if needed, we are pleased to play our part in Delifresh’s success.

Contact our Debt Recovery Solicitors for Results and Customer Service

Lane and Co is the UK’s longest established firm of commercial and business debt recovery solicitors. Our team knows how to deliver the results that our clients, like Delifresh, need, backed up with the customer service that they want.

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