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Expert Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors….Delivering the Results your Business Needs

Lane & Co Solicitors is a specialist firm of commercial debt recovery and litigation solicitors. We do not offer any other legal services, concentrating on what we know and do best. Founded in 1978 we are the UK’s longest established specialist commercial debt recovery firm, providing an efficient and cost-effective debt collection service to businesses of all sizes nationwide.

Are you owed Money by your Customers?  We Have Recovered £10s of Million for our Clients

The UK has a very damaging late payment culture. It is estimated that 17% of all payments in the UK are made late and according to ‘UK Debt Collection News’ – UK businesses are owed over £30 Billion in unpaid debt. Chances are, therefore, that your company is owed, or will be owed, money by your suppliers. That can be highly damaging to a business’s cash flow, and quick, expert action is needed.

This is where our business debt recovery solicitors come in. Our comprehensive range of specialist commercial debt recovery services – both pre-legal and legal – are tailored to ensure a quick resolution, with minimum fuss, for businesses operating anywhere in the UK.

We have recovered £10s of millions worth of late payments for our clients over the years, and many have stayed with us for several years. 

Contact our debt recovery solicitors or call us on 01922 616306 for a FREE initial consultation

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Latest News

Business Suffering from Late Payments Post Christmas? Talk to our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors

Business Suffering from Late Payments Post Christmas? Talk to our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors. The average small business is owed £24,841 in unpaid invoices. This can cause severe cash flow problems. Act now. ...

Latest Testimonial/Case Study

Case Study: Successful Alternative Debt Resolution

This case study demonstrates that mediation, an alternative debt resolution technique, can be a very effective method to settle debt related disputes without the need to go to Court. The settlement included damages and costs paid to our client....

No Hidden Costs and no Commission – No Surprises

We operate a completely transparent pricing structure. There are no hidden costs and we don’t charge commission. There are no set up charges or retainer fees.

A Personal Service Delivered by Expert Business Debt Recovery Solicitors

We offer a complete portfolio of specialist debt recovery services to help maximise your profitability and let you concentrate on what you do best.

Our Solicitors Focus 100% on Commercial Debt Recovery

We understand the day-to-day challenges faced when running a business. It doesn’t matter how successful the business in winning clients and orders if the invoices are not paid on time. At the heart of every successful business lies positive cash flow. When you get paid on-time everything works as it should. When payments are late it’s a different story. Business then becomes more challenging. It’s time to act.

With many other firms of solicitors, debt collection is often one department amongst many. With us it’s all we do. We focus 100% on helping companies recover outstanding debts, and we deliver outstanding results.

Contact our debt recovery solicitors or call us on 01922 616306 for a FREE initial consultation.

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