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Instruction for Letter Before Action

The Letter Before Action Form

For us to begin the process of business debt recovery, the first step is usually sending out a Letter before Action. You can fill in the form below and press send at the bottom when complete.

Should you have more than five instructions please click here to download and complete the spreadsheet. When completed please send this spreadsheet to

Forms must be received before 3.30pm if you wish them to be actioned on the same day.

Your Details

Debtor Details

Your Account Reference*

Name of Debtor* (Company/Individual)

Email of Debtor

Fax of Debtor

Address of Debtor*

Postcode of Debtor*

Status of Debtor*
PLCLTDPartnershipSole TraderIndividual

If PLC or LTD, Company Registration Number Required

Debt Details

Is the Debt Disputed*

If Debt is Disputed Please Give Brief Details

Payment Terms* ie 30 days/Net Monthly etc

Does the Debt Relate to:

A Hire Purchase Agreement*

A Consumer Credit Agreement*

Rent Arrears*

Overdue Invoice*

Other Please Specify

Monthly Breakdown of Invoices:

Date Amount £ Date Amount £
    Total amount outstanding*

* Required Fields

NB – Our Standard Letters Before Action can cost you as little as £2.95 + vat
(where volume instructions are received and the Letters Before Action are sent by email only).

Lane and Co aim to offer our Clients quality legal advice with a personal service at a fair cost. Our Terms and Conditions state the basis on which we will provide our professional services.

Read our Terms and Conditions here

Please note that it is important to read and understand the terms before sending your instructions.

I accept Lane and Co’s Terms and Conditions, I am authorised by my Company/Business to accept these terms.

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