Testimonial for our Debt Recovery Solicitors from Holme Dodsworth Metals

We are always delighted when our team of debt recovery solicitors receives a positive testimonial from a client, as in this case from Holme Dodsworth Metals.

“The Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors at Lane & Co have been acting on our behalf for over 10 years. They offer us a constant high level of professional service with continuous competitive prices and a reliable and extremely helpful, friendly work force. They get the results we need, too.”

Fiona Mutch,

Director, Holme Dodsworth Metals

A Bit About Holme Dodsworth Metals

Holme Dodsworth Metals is the UK’s leading stockist of non-ferrous metals in all forms, and a major Manufacturers’ Agent. With roots that go back to 1879, the current branch network includes warehouses at Newcastle Upon Tyne (also their head office) Manchester, Rotherham, Walsall & Luton. As they say:

“A true belief in exemplary levels of service combined with stocks exceeding all other competitors in the market place has allowed our company to compete at the highest level, servicing the largest clients in the UK and around the globe.”

Why Holme Dodsworth Retain our Debt Recovery Solicitors

As a highly successful, modern and efficient business, Holme Dodsworth operate in a very competitive market place. As with all businesses, cash flow is a vital part of success, and part of successful cash flow management is having a strong system in place to address late paying debtors, quickly and efficiently. This is where our debt recovery solicitors come in.

For over 10 years, we have been instructed by Holme Dodsworth to address late/non-payers as and when they arise. Usually a Letter Before Action is all that is required. However, we do use the full range of debt recovery tools at our disposal, including litigation and enforcement as and when necessary. The fact that our relationship with Holme Dodsworth remains strong, even after 10 years, speaks volumes for the results we deliver for them.

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