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The solicitors at Lane & Co specialise in business and commercial debt recovery and collection. We have been operating for over 40 years, our clients coming back to us many times so as to recover and collect the monies that are owed to them.

The 4 Stage Business Debt Recovery Process

Our solicitors focus on commercial debt recovery for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs up to PLCs. Each stage represents a step up in the pressure applied for payment.

The process starts with a Letter Before Action to the debtor. This states the value of the debt and the time frame for payment.

If the debt is not paid or a suitable reply received to the Letter Before Action, a County Court Claim may be issued.

  • County Court Judgement

If an Acknowledgment or Defence is not received within the Court time frame,  a County Court Judgment (CCJ) will be requested

If payment is still not received,  a number of different ways to enforce the Judgment can be used.

This section covers the News and Events for this important area.


15 07, 2019

Who are you Getting into Bed With?

2019-07-17T08:52:09+00:00July 15th, 2019|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|Tags: |

Can your Customer pay your bills? Will your Customer pay your bills Or will they drain your business? Always make sure you know your customer before you start doing business with them. Our Debt Recovery Solicitors Can Help.

5 04, 2019

SME’s Owed £14.9 Billion in Late Payments

2020-02-05T16:27:22+00:00April 5th, 2019|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|Tags: |

Research by Liberis in March 2018 showed that £14.9 billion was owed to businesses as a result of late payment of invoices, and it’s getting worse. In the six months prior, the figure was £1 billion lower. Our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors can help recover your late payments.

5 04, 2019

What is the Government Doing About Late Payments to Businesses?

2019-04-08T14:41:37+00:00April 5th, 2019|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|

In his Spring statement, the Chancellor Philip Hammond said that “We need to tackle the scourge of late payments.” His comments are welcome, but how quickly will legislation come in. We continue to collect £10s of millions in late payments every year for our clients.

4 03, 2019

How Long Does an Old, Unpaid Invoice Remain Valid? Our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors Comment

2020-03-02T12:18:49+00:00March 4th, 2019|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|Tags: , |

Our commercial debt recovery solicitors confirm that, under a simple contract, old, unpaid invoices can be chased for up to 6 years. There are caveats, though. Talk to us for help and advice if you have old invoices that have not been paid.

14 02, 2019

5 Reasons Why Invoices are Disputed by our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors

2019-02-14T16:17:43+00:00February 14th, 2019|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|Tags: , |

Can't Pay? Won't Pay? Quality Questioned. Our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors look at the 5 most common reasons for invoice disputes. If your invoices are disputed, for whatever reason, take action - fast. Contact us for advice on the best way forward.

8 01, 2019

We Need the Right Details for a Solicitor’s Letter Before Action

2019-03-18T13:06:32+00:00January 8th, 2019|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|

When instructing us to send out a solicitor’s letter before action (LBA) please ensure that the postcodes and/or emails for the debtors are checked for accuracy before instructing our debt recovery solicitors. This ensures that the letter is sent to the correct address, avoiding delays if the case proceeds to issue.

14 12, 2018

Our Business Debt Enforcement Lawyers Secure £30,000 Debt Payment

2019-03-18T12:46:56+00:00December 14th, 2018|Categories: Commercial Debt Recovery|Tags: |

Even when a debt is not disputed, and the debtor has agreed to pay the debt, it can still require the use of a powerful debt enforcement tool to get the debt paid. This case study looks at how we enforced the payment of a £30,000 debt within 3 days using a Winding-Up notice.

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