Debt Collection and Commercial Litigation – News

If a debt is formally disputed, the case passes over to our commercial litigation department. This civil litigation being required when the recovery of debt is disputed or a counter claim raised.

In some cases there is an alternative to taking court action:-

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation is always the last resort, so we assess he situation and check  to see if  we can resolve the dispute using the Alternative Dispute Resolution route. Judges are known to view dispute resolution favourably, so it is always wise to try to settle disputes in this manner.

This section cover the News in this important area.

5 07, 2021

Winding Up Petitions – Suspension Extended !

2021-07-05T14:22:20+00:00July 5th, 2021|Categories: Litigation Services|

Due to the pandemic the Government suspended Winding Up Petitions.

This was supposed to come to an end on the 30th June 2021, the Government have however extended this to 30th September 2021.

The rules do provide that petitions can proceed, however there is a test that has to be satisfied in order to do that.

The petitioner […]

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