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We are a Debt Recovery and Commercial Litigation firm of Solicitors who assist our Clients in not only recovering their debts but also in recovering their property.

This story began when one of our Clients (a well known vehicle manufacturer) had hired out two fork-lift trucks worth £180,000 to a small company.

The hiring company had fallen substantially into arrears but nonetheless its sole director had asked for the hire contract to be transferred to another company he ran.

When the client refused this, the director informed our Client that he had moved the fork-lifts to another site.

Moving the fork-lift was in breach of the hire contract, the hiring company then demanded £13,000 in ‘storage fees’ from our Client despite having no legal basis to do so.

Our Client terminated the hire but its demands for return of the fork-lifts were refused.

We were concerned that, due to the conduct of the hiring company to date,  the director of the hiring company may take steps to dispose of the fork-lifts.

We sought, with the help of our Barrister, a High Court Injunction requiring the delivery up of the fork-lifts.

This Application was sought on a ‘without notice’ basis both against the hiring Company and against its Director personally and was one of the first video link applications sought in the first ‘lockdown’ in April 2020. Our Barrister was present along with Mark Edwards (our Litigation Director), the Client and the Judge.

Obviously this was an unusual and difficult case, persuading the Judge to grant the ‘without Notice Injunction’ and as personally serving an Order during the Covid19 Pandemic had further challenges the Judge permitted service of the Injunction by email.

A great result – the Injunction was served and the fork-lift trucks were promptly returned.

This situation may be one that you are far too familiar with and you may be unsure what to do, if you feel that we could assist you in recovering your debts and / or property please do contact us.

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